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Portals Quilt

Small as it may be, this quilt still manages to stay in a state of flux. Take a look at what’s already available, and check back periodically for additions.

Kim Bowden-Kerby started Flora and Fauna Weekly Report (My corner of Fiji: observations from the wife of a naturalist) in mid-2013. She identifies the blog's driving force as her attempt to wake up to her immediate environment and not "sleepwalk through the weeds and bugs". American by birth, nurse (retired) by vocation, she lives in Fiji with four generations of family: her husband, award-winning coral reef biologist Austin, mother-in-law, children, and grandchildren. Kim Bowden-Kirby
Abby Wize: AWA
Lisa Bradley has started constructing her new website covering all things Abby Wize. Her first book in the series -- Abby Wize: AWA [BUY IT NOW] -- is out, and she's hard at work on Abby Wize: BE. You can also learn about Abby Wize: AWA, read reviews and collaborator weigh-ins, get ordering info, and see a picture of Lisa on her horse Trace here. Her background includes journalism, photography, acting, quilting, and horse whispering. Her home base is in Arizona. Photo of Lisa Bradley
Phillipe Copeland is the prolific author of Baha'i Thought, which ran from November 2005 through November 2012. Although he has spent his time in other pursuits since retiring this blog, which he's keeping available on a dedicated website, the wealth of entries make the site well worth perusing. Whether using the links to read from his first entry forward or his final entry backward, readers will find a lot of food for thought about our physical and spiritual world. Phillipe Copeland
Klaus Langkilde puts his artistic talents to good use in mining the vast scope of rich and varied writings in the Baha'i Faith to present exquisite illustrated quotations on a variety of subjects ranging from kindness towards animals to the value of wisdom, from the golden rule to the meaning of marriage. As of Autumn, 2013 he has created 40 stunning renderings of scriptural exceprts, and is in the process of more than doubling that number. He hails from Georgia. Klaus Langkilde
Huffington Post - Rothwell Polk Rothwell "Bud" Polk has been writing an official blog on The Huffington Post since December of 2010, addressing such topics as "University of Denver Dedicates Holocaust Memorial Social Action Site", author Andsrew Bowen's year-long "Project Conversion: 12 Faiths in 12 Months", "Does Anything Trump God's Justice?", and "Baha'i World Religion Day: A Celebration of Oneness". A semi-retiree, he still works with children who have serious challenges and developmental delays. Rothwell "Bud" Polk
Sanborn's Editorial Timothy Sanborn, MD, has written upwards of ten medically related, non-fiction, short stories and submitted them to various literary journals. One story has already been published as an editorial in a cardiology journal; another was printed in The American Baha'i and online . He plans to put together a collection of several stories along the theme of patients changing their lifestyle for the better, many of which transformations occur after a “wake-up call” such as a heart attack. Photo of Timothy Sanborn
Sanborn Chicago Tribute OpEd He's also turned to metro newspaper lettercols in his crusade to inspire people to make lifestyle changes to improve their health. One online letter even invokes the spirit of President Kennedy. (See the print clipping.) Timothy is a cardiac surgeon in Illinois, certified in interventional cardiology, cardiovascular disease, and internal medicine. (Read about one of his surgical interventions from a patient's point of view.) "
Simon's Blog Mead Simon has been doing this blog since October of 2009. It's his personal approach "to teaching the Faith, and applying the Laws in my own life." He adds, "I know there are many other ways to do the same thing, but this is what works for me, and others have said that it is helpful to hear these ideas." Mead is a stay-at-home dad, a writer, and a chainmail artist in British Columbia. (Trust us, he knits some really amazing one-of-a-kind jewelry and artwork.) Photo of Mead Simon
Alexander M. Zoltai -- Ohio-born Scottish-Hungarian grandfather, rover (who's lived in 30 states so far), language-lover, and blogger -- is author "with roaring flames in my heart" of such books as Astrological Repair Manual - Benevolence in Dharmic Exploration, Is Your Soul in Here? - A Poet's Struggle with God, and Notes from an Alien: A Message for Earth [BUY IT NOW]. His "Notes from an Alien" blog converses on "Reading, Writing, and Publishing" and links to several info pages. Photo of Alexander M. Zoltai


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