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We are so, so pleased to inaugurate this repository by featuring a child artist. David, Lucki, and Mead remember an SF convention art show where a small child's brightly-colored drawing of a ray gun, offered at fifty cents, went to auction and sold for two dollars -- much to the child's beaming delight -- because the auctioneer, Dr. Bob Passavoy, reminded bidders that (a) children should be encouraged in their artistic endeavors and (b) who knew if this might be the premiere sale of someone who'd be a big-name SF artist in twenty years, and therefore worth big bucks (or at least big bragging rights).

Small as it may be, this repository still manages to stay in a state of flux. Take a look at what’s already available, and check back periodically for additions.

Visit Mya's Page
Visit Mya's AniME blog

Photo of Mya Rae Wilder Mya Wilder, at age 10 (when her page was inaugurated in early 2013), enjoys reading, writing, anime, drawing, singing, designing clothes, and making eco-assemblage gifts. The first school elective she ever chose was Journalism, during which she wrote 2 fact articles for her school's "Kids in the News" magazine: "Aloha, Hawaiian Day" and "College Day". She's often featured in her Grams' blog: see Circle, Badge, Certificate, Princess, etc.. Mya has several other items she's contributed to this repository (like her photo blog since 2019), so enjoy.


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