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Aphorisms & Memes
Lucki Melander Wilder

"Please Steal These!"

Often find myself seeking ornamented quotes to share. "Wish someone'd do a cool poster of that." Then I remember: I'm someone. Needn't just wish. I can do. So I'm doing. You'll see a new image each week. Maybe a few bonuses in between. Expect pithy, uplifting, thought-provoking, occasionally silly, entries. Feel free to copy and use any of the images below. Anywhere you want. On your own website. Blog. FB page. Instagram. Snapchat. With a tweet. In emails. For a T-shirt or poster (you can ask for a hi-res image). As long as it's just for your personal use. Please don't crop images (especially the credit lines) or use 'em for commercial/$-making purposes, OK? Remember to use hashtags. And let us know if something you share starts trending.
Go to 2018 list/links. Go to #AcceptMyself #BePresent #GodIsPersonal #Joy #MarleyGhost #OpportunityKnocks #PassItBack #PassItOn #PlayWithWords #PrayerWorks #RockTheBoat #RowingTogether #SeriousButFun #WhereWhen #Wordplay

2018-02-19 Wordplay  -  #Wordplay   #PlayWithWords brain wants to play with words.

Entries for 2018
01-01 Marley Ghost 
01-08 Life Saving
01-15 Acceptance
01-22 Boat Rocking
01-29 Be There
02-05 Serious & Fun
02-12 Time Travel
02-19 Wordplay
02-25 is a bonus day
02-26 Every Twig

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    2018-02-12 Time Travel  -  
#PrayerWorks   #WhereWhen
And prayer can time-travel.
2018-02-05 Serious & Fun
#Joy   #SeriousButFun
Religion should e a source of joy....
2018-01-29 Be There
#OpportunityKnocks   #BePresent
Gotta be there there when opportunity scratches at the window.
2018-01-22 Boat Rocking

#RockTheBoat   #RowingTogether
Sometimes rocking the boat is what's needed...
2018-01-15 Acceptance
#AcceptMyself   #GodIsPersonal

Acceptance is an individual, personal thing...
2018-01-08 Life Saving
#PassItOn   #PassItBack
...we pass them on. Just in case.
2018-01-01 Marley Ghost
...when a ghost comes up out of the past to warn you, listen.


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