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The opening sentences of 8 poems from
* 4 * 7
Lucki Melander Wilder
and Lillian Wolf

from “Celestia" by Lucki Melander Wilder
     Heaven is not a place caught in space.

from “Loa: Work of Art" by Lucki Melander Wilder
     Were you real

     I would sit and talk with you in the space-black hours
     when the defenses are down and true names are spoken.

from “Main Entry" by Lillian Wolf
     This obsession with

     the archaic vernacular
     of the less civilized
     is perplexing and peculiar.

from "Wanderer Awaiting" by Lillian Wolf
     Wanderer alone,

     Ambitions tempered by grief...
     Love and loss are one.

from “My Growls, My Grins" by Lillian Wolf
     Now why should it surprise you

     that I can crack a joke?

from "Other" by Lillian Wolf
     You bristle outwardly, brother,

     Confrontational, belligerent,
     Wearing your hostility on your sleeves,
     trumpeting your uncompromising superiority.

from "Out of Time" by Lucki Melander Wilder
     Master and commander, frozen on the deck

     Of your stalwart ship, time has passed you by.

from "Reverie" by Lucki Melander Wilder
     Are suns really born from purple nebulae,

     Vigorous and flighty, with cometary tails of energy
     Twining about their brightly forming selves?

These excerpts are protected by copyright.

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