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The Start of "Act VI: Intervention" from
Lucki Melander Wilder

CaShawna (Enters carrying stool, then stands on it to give a speech.)
Aliyeh, Guadalupe, Dahabu, & Henry (Enter from different directions and gather in a semicircle around CaShawna to listen to the speech.)
Narrator Is it not true that one blow struck against men's prejudice…
Etsu (Enters crying.)
Bandjalong & Farwalker (Enter, following Etsu angrily. Throughout her speech, CaShawna intentionally ignores them, although her listeners keep glancing back and forth.)

CaShawna (Pleading, hands held out) We must all love one another!
Bandjalong (Shoving Etsu) Get out of here; we hate you.
Farwalker (Also shoving Etsu) Yeah.
CaShawna (Firmly, clenching fists) We must ignore race, creed, and class!
Bandjalong (Shoving Etsu again) We don't want your kind around here.
Farwalker (Also shoving Etsu again) Yeah.
CaShawna (Expansively, arms wide open) We must welcome all people with open arms!
Bandjalong (Kicking at Etsu) Go back where you came from.
Farwalker (Also kicking at Etsu) Yeah.
Henry (Leaves group of listeners, approaches Bandjalong and Farwalker, and takes each firmly by an arm.)
Bandjalong & Farwalker (Struggle slightly, then stand still.)
Aliyeh, Etsu, & Dahabu (Openly look away from CaShawna to watch Henry.)
CaShawna (With ultimate fervor, arms upraised) We are all God's children! (Notices her listeners are no longer paying attention. Also turns to watch Henry.)
Narrator …is it not true that one such blow must thunder louder than a storm so eloquent of liberal speech?
Henry (Sternly) What is all this?
Bandjalong (A little afraid) We were just playing.
Farwalker (Also a little afraid) Yeah.
Henry Making fun of people and hurting them? That's playing? ....
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