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Infinite Blessings
Lucki Melander Wilder

Short, nourishing exerpts from most of the world's faith traditions. Not only do we get personal benefit by reading them, we also are reminded of the essential unity of the Divine Oneness who has spoken to humanity time and again.
-- Lisa Bradley, Hawaii

It came yesterday. I LOVE IT. There is something for everyone to like...You are a freakin' genius.
-- Rothwell "Bud" Polk, Colorado

Infinite Blessings - Front Cover

A selection of devotional thoughts from the

African Traditional
Native American Traditional
Zoroastrian Writings

In a time of social, economic, and political turmoil around the world – in an age when some members of various faiths view members of other faiths and even of other branches of their own faith with disdain, suspicion, or hatred – many people of good conscience seek to heal such wounds by coming together in multi-faith devotional gatherings, aware of the dangers of hatred to those hated and the haters alike, yearning to succor the spiritually ill and the oppressed, and understanding that there is only one God regardless of what names people invoke God by, that all humankind are one family regardless of heritage or creed, and that all the world religions are gifts from our one God.

This compilation, put together for one such Bahá’í-hosted devotional in Chicago, is now being offered for use by people everywhere and of all faith traditions. And you can mail it to others in a standard-size greeting-card envelope - with a personal note or letter - for only one stamp.

Get a sneak peek at the book here.

To order today:
contact author in US at 773-338-9595 or email [email protected]

1-9 copies: $1.00 each + S&P. 10-19 copies: $0.95 each, + S&P.
Also available with premium cover stock and, on small orders, with fitted envelopes.
Additional volume discounts at 20, 50, 100.
S&P free on 20 or more copies.
All prices in US$.

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