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Spiritual Substance Catalog

Feel free to print and use any of the following PDF handouts* that offer spiritual sustenance on daily-life topics and on virtues classes for children. Please be eco-conscious: print multi-page documents in 2-sided form and, if necessary, use Shrink To Printable Area page-scaling. Thank you.


Arts and Sciences


Economics, Wealth and Poverty


Also, to access a free, searchable 59-page compilation of Baha'i thought on spiritual and scholastic education, see the Baha'i Reference Library's Compilation on Education.

Elections and Voting

Equality of Men and Women

          "Two Wings of a Bird"

Also, to access a free, searchable 45-page compilation of Baha'i thought on women, see the Baha'i Reference Library's Compilation on Women.

Health and Healing

          "He Is the Healer" (prayer from Scripture)

          Addiction and Recovery

         "Bestow Thou in All Things Purity" (prayer from Scripture)



Life After Life


Oneness of Religion

          Purpose of Religion

Peace and Unity

          Family Unity and World Unity

          "The Promise of World Peace"

Also, to access a free, searchable 40-page compilation of Baha'i thought on peace, see the Baha'i Reference Library's Compilation on Peace.


Also, to access a free, searchable 268-page compilation of prayers from Baha'i Scripture, see the Baha'i Reference Library's compilation of Baha'i Prayers<.

Protection While Traveling

True Human Nature

          "Words of Wisdom"

Work and Job-Seeking


(age 5 and up)

Chicago's annual Bud Billiken Back-To-School Parade & Picnic -- of which Barack Obama has twice been the Grand Marshal -- is the second-largest parade in the country. It was started in 1929 by Chicago Defender founder Robert Sengstacke Abbott (who was Baha'i) and David Kellum (who later became Baha'i).

Brilliant-Star Storytelling, Cooperation Games, and Virtues Face-Painting (along with Junior Juggling) were developed as an in-the-park service to children during the parade/picnic by the Chicago Baha'i community. The activities proved so successful that they became the lesson-plan launchpad for children's virtues classes in the 'Izzat sector of Chicago.

Weekly Schedule

Lesson Plan

Attendance and Accomplishments Record


         Beauty Definition and Quotes 

         Generosity Pledge form 

         Humility Questions 

         Unity Mural Sketch


         Face-Painting Pictures 


         Song Lyrics

*Quotations are excerpted from copyrighted material available online. Therefore, the citations must remain with the quotations, and none of these PDFs may be sold in printed or electronic form. If you see any errors in these handouts, please let us know!

**Highlighted in Lisa Bradley's first Abby Wize novel.

These PDFs were created via Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional. All you need to see and print them is Adobe Reader 7 or higher. (Get ADOBE READER free)

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