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Mya's Page
Mya Wilder


I love your page and to see how you have grown to be such an artist! It is wonderful that you do
express your feelings, doubts and frustrations so easily and beautifully with words.  -- Lily Ayman

I asked my Grams if I could put some of my writing on Earthstar Works, and she said it was OK. She will help me a little as my editor with, like, catching spelling and punctuation; but it's my own stuff and she won't mess with it a lot. I want to include some of my poetry, fiction, art, and maybe a blog; we'll see. You'll know new stuff 'cause it'll be blue, my now favorite color, but links will still be in brown. I hope you like it. You can email me about this page at [email protected] with MYA as the first word of the Subject line. I would love to hear from you.

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Fiction - updated 08/13/13
* Aeros, the Golden Olympian God
* The Girl That Was Born To Save the World
* When You Turn 13 *

Poetry - initiated 03/13/13
* Art Is Life!
* Friendship
* Open Your Eyes
* Parents!
* Step After Step
* Why?
* Why a Friend?

Pictures - updated 08/01/19
* She Passed NEW
* More Deviled Eggs
* Deviled Eggs
* Fish Kingdom

Greetings - updated 08/01/14
* Naw-Ruz 171 B.E. greeting
Naw-Ruz 170 B.E. greeting
* Naw-Ruz 169 B.E. greeting
* Naw-Ruz 168 B.E. greeting


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Feedback - updated 09/25/13
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Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 12:26 PM, Lily wrote:
Dearest Mya,
   I love your page and to see how you have grown to be such an artist! It is wonderful that you do express your feelings, doubts and frustrations so easily and beautifully with words.
   Remember that I love you and will be looking forward to see you at the Naw-Ruz party on March 21.
Mya responds:
   Thank you, Lily. All my feelings do go into my words because I get frustrated a lot at school with work and friends. And I love you too.
Love, Mya

Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 1:52 PM, Ron wrote:
   Thanks, especially liked Mya's page and bad ads commentary.

Lucki responds:
   Yes, I'm pleased Mya is so interested in reading and writing. My authorial gene seems to have passed down to her very nicely.
Mya responds:
   Thank you, Ron, for liking my page. I put a lot of work into my poetry and what my greeting cards look like. I hope you have a happy Naw-Rúz.
Sincerely, Mya

Sat, Mar 2, 2013 at 3:58 PM, Saba wrote:
Flower from SabaDear Mya
   I hope this note finds you well.
   I read your poetry on your webpage and really enjoyed it!  We miss you at the Saturday program on the South Side of Chicago.  May I share some of your poetry with our children and junior youth?
   I want to share with you a picture I took of a flower at Garfield Conservatory last fall, when we went there with the children's program. It reminds me of your courage and beauty. See attached and I hope you will enjoy it!
   I hope to see you before too long.
Mya responds:
   Hi, Saba. Thank you for the picture; it’s lovely. And, yes, you may have my permission to share my poetry with the children and junior youth. Thanks for thinking of me as courageous and beautiful. Especially as you are beautiful too. And I do miss classes also. Hope to see you.
Bye-bye, Mya

Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 2:31 PM, Kim wrote:
   Fun, fun. Please let Mya know I liked her page - especially her poem "Parents!" ha ha ha
Mya responds:
   I'm glad you think it's fun and "Parents!" is my favorite poem as well.

Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 6:16 PM, Nilufar wrote:
Hi Mya,
   You are such an articulate writer/speaker. I really enjoyed reading your poetry. I think my favorite is “Parents!”. I showed Faizi your page and now he wants to blog too. This will be our summer project. You’re lucky to have grandma Lucki to inspire and guide you. Keep growing and sharing your talent! We miss you and hope to see you very soon.
(Taraz and Faizi’s mom)

Mya responds:
Dear Nilu,
   Thank you for liking my poems. I wonder if you have gotten a chance yet to read my story "Aeros the Golden Olympian God." It's a very entertaining story. About greek gods. Once again I really do give you gratitude for liking my poem! There will be more on the way. And to say the Parents one is my favorite as well.

Thu Jul 4, 2013 at 11:33 PM, Nilufar wrote:
   I will definitely read your story with my boys!

Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 7:57 PM, Klaus wrote:
Beautiful Naw Ruz greetings!
Mya responds:
   Thank you. Like on your website in the Quilt, I have fun finding the best beautiful pictures to go with the words. So does my Grams for her Naw-Ruz greetings in Arts.

Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 12:53 PM, Lann wrote:
   Mya does interesting art. Can you show larger versions like you do with the stuff you sell?
Mya responds:
   Great idea! Thank you. I'll ask Grams. I bet she can.
Lucki responds:
   Yep, she can. And she also needs to get on the ball and photo/write up some more stuff to offer for sale. It's just that, given that we do have lives outside of this site, its service side seems to (rightfully) get precedence over its selling side.

Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 12:41 PM, Lily wrote:
Dearest Mya,
   So sorry that my very busy life these past months prevented me to go to your page. When I went to it today, I saw that there is much to see. So, I clicked on blue and nothing happened :-( Could you or your dear Granny, tell me how I can access your stories and other works ?
Much love,
Lucki responds:
   Try going to and then follow this path from page to page (most of the links are on the left side of the page):
      Portals > Repository > Mya's Page >
      Fish Kingdom (to see her art;
      then once you finish reading about the photo) >
      Back To Top > When You Turn 13
   Let me know if that works for you.
P.S. The blue is just an indicator of what's been updated. The actual links are bold brown that flips to highlight when you cursor over them.
Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Lily wrote:
Hi, Lucki!
   Thanks for the help. It did work…I did look at all items on her page. My favorites were her artwork, especially her Naw-Ruz greetings, and When You Turn 13. I loved the form she chose, expressing herself in diary form of different people. I hope you will work with her in developing her stories. She has great ideas, needs help in how to organize them, so that she doesn't loose the momentum.
   Good luck to you both,
With much love,
Lucki responds:
   You’re absolutely right; that’s what a good editor does. The flip side of the coin is ensuring she develops her own, unique voice rather than mimicking mine. It’s a balancing act. I hope I get it right.
Mya responds:
   Hi, Lily. I will try my best to write another story explaining what those kids would say when they’re 16. Thank you for liking my art.


Art Is Life!
Red, blue, yellow, and purple
all show emotion.
Some people are sad,
some are mad,
and some are just happy.
Light colors to dark to middle,
all show emotion.
Life is a big ball of emotion;
by letting it out,
you can be an artist of emotion!

Light friends to dark friends,
chubby to skinny.
It doesn’t matter
because we’ll still be friends.
We chose each other
in a way of love
because you, me,
and all around us ...
we are all friends.

Open Your Eyes
When you open up your eyes,
you relax to see that it’s bright.
You close your eyes one last time
and open to see a smile.
Open your eyes to see the best,
and make sure you are happy.
’Cause some people every day
never open their eyes again.

Grouchy to mad
to happy to joyful,
they always change.
Parents try to teach us things,
but when they do,
it turns out to be a disaster.
For example,
has your parent ever told you
you must clean your room
just to go upstairs and see a friend?
Well, that is bogus
because they’re, like,
taking away a friendship.
    I’m Mya Rae Wilder
    and I approve this message.

Step After Step!
Walking is like a chance
that is given to you
over and over again.
You take one step and
you are off to a good start.
Taking a second step
means you are getting agitated.
The third step means
you really need to change your path
to what will give you a good life!

Why does wind blow the trees?
Why is it not yet my time of year?
Why must I be the one by the tree?
Why can’t you explain this season?
Why is life so complicated with questions?!

Why A Friend?
When you meet a good friend.
you expect them always
to be there for you.
Some turn their backs
and walk out the door
and never come back!
Because they
aren’t the person for you.
Let them go
and continue your path
of what you choose!



Mya passes her driving test"She Passed"
Yesterday (Wednesday, July 31, 2019) I passed my driving test. No more learner's permit where you have to have a person with a license with you. Now I can drive by myself. But I'm not buying a car. It's just good to have a license.

My dad sent my Grams an email with a picture. He wrote, "She PASSED!!! Lady was impressed with how she handled reversing and monitoring mirrors...." I guess he was proud of me.

Then Grams sent me (and Daddy) an email about the picture. She wrote, "Good work, Mya. To quote this guy I know: Whoo hoo!" I guess she was proud of me.

I agreed with that. I'm proud of me. So I sent it back to them, "Woohoo"

By the way, just so you know, that guy that Grams quoted is Daddy. He says that all the time when he's happy about something.


Mya Made More Deviled Eggs"More Deviled Eggs"
One thing I know is if you want to stay good at doing something you learned, you have to keep doing it.

One thing I want to stay good at is recipes my Grams teaches me. So for example, I make sure to make deviled eggs once in a while. They take time, but they're easy to do.

I made some the other day (Sunday, December 30, 2018) for me and Ivan. He was actually the one that asked me to make them. He enjoyed them; he called them "your famous devilied eggs" lol. The bacon was for me, though, since this was my breakfast. We each had seven eggs, but Ivan ate one even before I could take the picture.

I emailed Grams a picture and she said "COOL!!!" She asked how I managed to make 13 eggs, not 12 or 14, and I told her that's how fast Ivan ate one. I think she's happy about me keeping her recipes alive.


Mya Made Deviled Eggs Today"Deviled Eggs"
I made deviled eggs today (Thursday, October 20, 1916), by myself, at my house, not Grams's.

They were delicious. Everybody said so. Mommy said so and Ivan said so and I said so. Daddy said I have to make him some next. I promise I will, because he really loves Grams's eggs.

Grams has been teaching me some of her special recipes. She taught me how to make them by letting me help her at first and then talking me through them but me doing all the work. But this was the first time I made them all by myself, in my own home. I even remembered the special technique and the sshhhh secret incredient.

The first thing Grams taught me the recipe of, when I was little, was hearty oatmeal. Besides eggs, she's also been teaching me her pasta salad, both with tuna and vegetarian. Her chili recipe will be next; that comes in meat and vegan, too. Or maybe she'll teach me candied yams. Or maybe taconaras and fajitzas. And then there's her cherry cheesecake chiffon pie. But what I really can't wait to learn is "Lucki's World Famous Pomegranate Stuffing." Yum.


Mya presents "Fish Kingdom" to Millicent"Fish Kingdom" [See larger image of artwork]
In 2012 , there was an auction on Chicago’s North Side that raised $1,844 (isn't that a great number!) for the National Baha'i Fund. People contributed things like picnic stuff, jewelry, and sketch books, as well as pledges of future services and talents like writing a business resume, an original song, and an original poem.

I contributed a pledge to create and color an original picture. Millicent Bradleigh Kennedy (left, with me) made the high bid and said I could depict anything "as long as there is a fish somewhere in it".

That gave me a great idea. With help from my Grams, I researched colorful fish on the Internet, compiled and arranged line drawings, and colored them by hand. (I almost forgot to include a turtle; but when I was almost finished coloring, Grams drew one in for me freehand.) I think I did a good job. It took a long time, but it was worth it.

I gave Millicent "Fish Kingdom" flying a red, white, and blue fish flag in the Baha'i House of Worship on Sunday, January 20, 2013. She really liked it and said it was way bigger than she expected (it's 17" x 28").


Naw-Ruz 171 B.E. greeting
Mya's 2014 Naw-Ruz Greeting
See larger image

Naw-Ruz 170 B.E. greeting
Mya's 2013 Naw-Ruz Greeting
See larger image

Naw-Ruz 169 B.E. greeting
Mya's 2012 Naw-Ruz Greeting
See larger image

Naw-Ruz 168 B.E. greeting
Mya's 2011 Naw-Ruz Greeting
See larger image


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