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Be assured of prayers for your health, safety, and serenity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mya Wilder


I so enjoy reading your stories, looking at your anime pics,
and vicariously enjoying your deviled eggs.
  -- Nilufar Tofighi

Before anything else, I wish you health & safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Take good care of yourself!

Normally, blogs are added to from the top, with older entries moving farther down the page over time. But I'm going to do this page of my blog the opposite way, adding each new entry at the bottom, because I don't want newer entries to include spoilers if or when people come to the top of this page for the first time and start reading there. You can email me about this page at I'd love to hear from you.

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Lion's Tooth,
Lion's Mane

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A Twelve-Part True Story
Lion's Tooth, Lion's Mane


Before you start reading this blog page for the first time, please look at the descriptive paragraph up above. It explains how and why you will read this blog differently than usual.

Mya wearing the first COVID mask she ever madeAs you know if you've been following my blog for the past two years, I love anime, cosplay, K-pop, and glam makeup. So back toward the end of 2018, my Grams asked me did I want to do a new page, in addition to my home page, sharing photos of me and some of my favorite memories over these past seven years now.

Did I? Of course I did! So I posted a set of pictures every month in 2019 and 2020, covering from my first-ever anime con in 2014 through the end of 2019. I hope you enjoyed them; or if you haven't seen them yet, I hope you will. As Grams sometimes says in her blog to be silly, you go ahead and look at my 2019 and 2020 pages and I'll wait here until you get back (using the back arrow).

Hi back! So that's pix of all the stuff I enjoyed from 2014 to 2019, with every expectation of continuing to do so. And then, like Jimmy Fallon sang in that video Grams decided to send you for January: Suddenly COVID!

Well, that obviously meant no more conventions, concerts, parades, glammy parties, or any other big, in-person events. Plus, I earned a scholarship and started college this past Fall, which I'm thoroughly enjoying and which is keeping me very busy, meaning it doesn't leave time for lots of cosplay and glam events even if there were any to attend.

So I've decided to do something different this year. I'm telling a true story that takes you with me on an "interesting" journey I had a few years ago. (I've asked Grams to help, because she never throws anything away.) I hope you will enjoy it.

This deep purple COVID mask is
the 1st one I ever made for myself.

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My true story starts with being a fan. Not me, all that much, at first; but my Mom and Grams. See, Mom got to be a big fan of the DC Arrowverse on the CW, so much that she DVR'd them all and watched faithfully every week. First Arrow; then also Flash when it spun off; and eventually the spinoff-spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, too.

It turned out my Grams watched Arrow and Flash too, very occasionally, but they weren't what she called "appointment viewing" for her. When LoT started, though, she decided to watch the pilot because of a sort of Doctor Who connection, which you can read about here. And, to put it bluntly, she got hooked. Not because of the Doctor Who connection, but because of the casting of Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell as Captain Cold and Heatwave. She'd seen an episode or two of Prison Break, thought the "stunt casting" of the PB brothers in LoT might be fun to watch, and (as I said) was almost instantly hooked.

So she started watching LoT every week, too. In fact, she and I would watch it together on the phone (just like she used to do with Uncle Mead when the classic-era Doctor Who was aired on PBS Sunday nights). After a while, we also started watching Flash rerun episodes that had Captain Cold and Heatwave in them; then watching all the Flash episodes; then eventually watching all the Arrow episodes, too. So we kind of did it all backwards, but we got it done.

Based on the excellent #Wentnic dynamic in Flash and especially LoT - that #WentnicIsScreenGold thing - Grams decided to go back and watch PB too, especially when she found out there was going to be a PB Season 5 made during the normal LoT hiatus. (After binge watching the first four seasons, she told me if she'd known there was going to be science fictional macguffin in it, she might've watched it from the gitgo.) She didn't have me watch it with her, though, because she felt I was too young at that point. Mom agreed. (I have binge watched it since, and did enjoy it.)
Wentworth Miller as David Scott riding a parasaurolophus dinosaur in Dinotopia
But she had run across something that Wentworth Miller had done when he was younger that was age-appropriate for me. So when I was staying with her one weekend, we watched it together. It was the miniseries Dinotopia.

And I loved it! I loved (after an initial dislike) Wentworth Miller's David Scott character; I loved Wentworth Miller's acting, including the hard stunt work he did himself; and then I loved Wentworth Miller's writing on his FB page. (Grams wrote a lot about my reaction to him - and lots of other fun and serious stuff we shared - in Twigs of a Family Tree, so you can read up on it there if you want.)

That's what laid the groundwork for my "interesting" journey, which I'll take you to the starting line of next month. Till then, be safe!

That's David Scott riding a (I think)
parasaurolophus dinosaur in Dinotopia.

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So my Grams was very aware of how I fell in admiration with Wentworth Miller. And over the years she told me about news related to him, because she had a friend who pretty much always told her, like for example when he had a Facebook page I could follow (I'm on FB; she's not) and when he got cast throughout the final season of Madam Secretary (all except the final episode, which I think was almost as messed up as his not being in the credits for the final episode of the first season of Legends of Tomorrow).

And one thing I was especially excited about, way back when I was 14, was when she told me about a student mental-health organization that he had previously volunteered to be a spokesperson for. Specifically, it was running a T-shirt design contest, the winner of which would be sold as a fundraiser. We gathered from what the organization was saying that this would be the first of such an annual event. Would I be interested in entering, Grams asked, since I was at that time quite interested in clothing design?

Well, how could I resist? With her encouragement, I thought of two slogans, and sketched a rough design for each of them.

AAM I NOT ENOUGHT? There are scars you can SEE. Then there are scars you'll never see... - Girl crying as she remembers all the hurtful names she's been calledI'm afraid to tell...that I feel like I am dying inside? - Tragedy-mask-like face with overflowing tears and sewn-shut lips

These were my very first two idea sketches. They were VERY rough, but I felt they were also very sympathetic.
(I TOLD you Grams never throws anything away! LOL)

I compared my first-try ideas to all the organization's design guidelines and official rules (which Grams and I studied together, which there were PAGES of) and things on their website. Then I went back to the drawing board and started reworking my ideas to make them more meaningful and more punchy. I also thought that, in addition to expressing sympathy with teenagers who experience depression and suicidalness, there needed to be hopefulness, too. That spurred my creativity even more, and I ended up with four slogans and designs that felt right. I'm not the greatest sketch artist, so it wasn't easy, but it was fun.

When I was satisfied with the results, Grams checked for me and, yes, I had met all of the applicable requirements as published. She was proud of me, especially that I was so enthused and productive that I developed not just one but four very different slogans and designs. To be honest, I was proud of me, too.

The next step was to use some software on Grams's computer to turn my rough sketches into clean, uncomplicated, sharp-edged, printable picture files. That was hard work, too, but Grams pitched in and helped. She helped a lot, and I appreciated it.

Next month, I'll show you how my final designs turned out.

Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 4:00 PM, Nilufar wrote:
Hi, Lucki!
  I so enjoy your stories about Mya, as you know I'm one of her biggest blog fans -- love her makeup and writing talent, and love your relationship together! Your rapport is inspiring and exemplary!
  Happy almost Naw-Ruz!
  Lucki responds to Nilufar:
  Thank you, Nilu. Yep, Mya certainly inspires me. Happy almost Baha'i New Year to you, too. And keep checking back monthly for the rest of Mya's story.

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As I said last month, Grams helped me turn my final sketches into picture files with software on her computer. If you look at my first sketch on the left last month, you'll see here how it was eventually built in the computerized version (Grams never throws ANYTHING away):



Steps 1 & 2: Use simple templates to create a blue tragedy mask & a pink comedy mask.
Steps 3 & 4: Divide the comedy mask in half & move the pieces to almost hide the tragedy mask behind it. Steps 5 & 6: Add a comedy mask speech balloon & text, tragedy mask thought balloon & text, & title.

So that's how I built Hear The Tears and also two other ideas: Not Enough and The World Disagrees. Plus a fourth one that was a little different. I'll get back to that plus-one later. I don't want to distract you from the process flow right now.

Because I was underage, I needed adult permission to enter the contest; so Grams took care of that, too. Being careful again to review and correctly follow all the
official rules for submitting entries, we submitted all four files with clear white backgrounds like the one above (right). But just to help the contest judges envision my whole plans, I also submitted mock-up files (shown below) with suggestions for the best T-shirt color as background. Also, as requested, I sent a cover email with each entry that included "a few words about what your design means to you" (quoted below):

"When you put on a mask, no one can see your true self. When you don't want to burden anyone else, your burden gets bigger and bigger. If you don't cry for help, how can anyone know to help you? And if you do cry for help, people need to pay attention."
"They say that 'Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.' But that's a lie. Bullying hurts. Disrespect haunts. Words cause scars that no one sees. And when your soul starts to die, how do you kill your demons without killing yourself?" "There's nobody on the planet that somebody doesn't care about, or pray for, or need. When someone feels that they're totally alone in the world, no one understands, no one can help, and absolutely no one will care if they leave it, they're wrong. We need to tell them so…often."

More about the oddball plus-one next month. Meanwhile, stay safe and well, keep wearing your mask (two is even better) and doing social distancing, and get vaccinated as soon as you're eligible. As Grams keeps saying, we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we must not let that blind us into thinking we're OUT yet.

Mon, Apr 12, 2021 at 11:53 PM, Nancy wrote:
  I really like this story, Mya describing her process. I really like Mya's stories, her poetry, the way she writes. You've been teaching her about things and encouraging her caring about people since she was little, and it shows. Since there haven't been any conventions for her to go to now, I'm enjoying how she's doing this story this year. I look forward to the next piece.
  Lucki responds to Nancy:
  Thank you, Nancy. I dunno, though, I think most of that intelligence and caring didn't come from anything I did. I think she was born with it.
    Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 02:50 PM, Nancy wrote:
  You've been teaching her from even her infancy. Rey has been teaching her, too (and of course her mother). They both got a lot from you.

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