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The Three Onenesses and
The Foundational Verities
Lucki Melander Wilder

We've learned that, when we visit people or do Anna's presentation for them, we're missing a piece. We don't have something specific to leave with them. This book is the missing piece.
-- Changiz Geula, Chicago

I like [your booklets] a lot. I can see that they fill a niche that nothing else quite fits...You are a good writer and you've squeezed a lot of good information into a very portable space.
-- Justice St. Rain, Indiana

The Three Onenesses - Front Cover

In Spring of 2008, a busy friend with little time to read challenged Lucki Melander Wilder to write down for him, in 2500 words or less, her understanding of the essential verities of the Bahá’í Faith. In a nutshell, he wanted the basic information one would need to make an informed decision about becoming Bahá’í. This tiny volume is her response to that challenge.

In offering this material to her friend (and to you), Wilder added: “You don’t have to already know every­thing and be obeying all the principles and laws in order to become Bahá’í. Declaring your faith is the beginning of your glorious journey, not the end. When you believe that Bahá’u’lláh is indeed Who He says He is, find His Word resonating in your heart and soul, want to be part of His community and help put His unifying Plan into action, and are willing to learn about and follow His Teachings to the best of your ability, you already are Bahá’í.”

  • If you're unfamiliar with the Baha'í Faith and want to learn about it...

  • If you know about it and want the basic info you need to make an informed decision about becoming Baha'i...

  • If you know what an IPG is and want something to leave with people...

  • If you want something you can mail to others in a standard-size greeting-card envelope for only one stamp...

           all in under 2500 words, this is the book for you.

See the Spanish version here. And get a sneak peek at both books here.

To order today:
contact author in US at 773-338-9595 or email [email protected]

1-9 copies: $1.25 each + S&P. 10-19 copies: $1.15 each + S&P.
Also available with premium cover stock and, on small orders, with fitted envelopes.
Additional volume discounts at 20, 50, 100.
S&P free on 20 or more copies.
All prices in US$.

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